3 Day HPI Event ONLINE (OPG Closed Enrollment) – Nov 28th to 30th


Course Description

This is an advanced course intended for those individuals who will be involved in training, implementing or managing a Human Performance Improvement process.  The overall objective of the course is helping organizations work towards becoming a High Reliability Organization (HRO) through the study of Human Performance. The University of Idaho has approved the curriculum for 3 CEUs (continuing education units) for those who complete a final exam at 80% or greater. Graduates of this 3-day course are issued a “Human Performance Improvement Practitioner Certificate” from the U of I.

The attendees are encouraged to read and bring with them Dr. Todd Conklin’s book “Pre-Accident Investigation.”  It is also suggested (not required) to have completed the HPI one day Fundamentals course prior to attending this course.  Most companies recognize graduates from this course as qualified “Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Practitioners.”  This is a hands-on course and requires student participation in case studies and implementation plan development.

Electronic copies of two student manuals are provided and studied during this course. The first is the Human Performance Fundamentals and Principles (Manual 1) and the second is Human Performance Tools for Individuals, Teams and Managers (Manual 2). The course is focused on Leadership as it relates to Organization Performance. There is a lot of emphasis on Accountability and Culpability using the new Culpability Decision Matrix. In addition attendee’s will walk away with the knowledge of “Proactively Preventing Unwanted Outcomes triggered by Human Error.”

  • The course objectives include:
  • Defining Error
  • In-depth discussion of Error Precursors
  • Describing and Predicting Error Likely Situations
  • Thorough discussion of the Human Performance Principles
  • Introduction to the HPI Worksheet (including the electronic version)
  • Study of the three Performance Modes and Error Modes
  • Limitations of Human Capability
  • Application of HPI Defenses
  • Implementation Plan Development
  • Preventing the Launch Sequence
  • The Importance of Context
  • Study of Human Fallibility
  • Human Error Investigation

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11/28/2023 to 11/30/2023


8:00am to 4:30pm (30 min lunch break)